Effleuring soft toutch is the perfect first manipulation to start a massage treatment.

A sport massage is a must just before or after a competition.

The decongestant massage helps eliminate toxins and oxides accumulated in the tissues.

Effleuring soft touch
Sport Massage
Decongestant Massage

Standards of admission

October 14, 2022.


The Professional Massotherapists Association of Québec also named  (“l'Association”) are now adjusting their membership requirements of the Province of Quebec and Canadian standards and general requirements, concerning the number of hours and the practices of training in massage therapy and to other practices in natural and alternative medicine.

In order, to become a member and to be recognized as a student, technician or practitioner in massage therapy, each new graduate shall provide the proof that during the year of membership, he will have a minimum of 1,000 hours of courses and practice to his credit. This formation can not be illigible to give the refundable receipts by the insurance companies for the treatments. Massothérapeute 2.

New standard hours will be effective January the 1st, 2018.

We not accept any adhesion to  recognized Massothérapeute 1st degree, ( less than 1,000 of studies.) The old members before 2018. They are still recognized  Massothérapeute 1.

Since January 2018, the new applicant shall have completed the required training over of 1,000 hours and are Massothérapeute 2.

The applicant shall provide the proof of his training, completed or actually in the course to be completed. 

If necessary, in case  the applicant had not work in massage since 3 years after the last massage he gave, the applicant will have to apply a therapeutical massage from his choice.

If ness

He shall furnish Diploma and recognition studies documents with ne name of Canadian and U.S.A  School, its address and phone number as well as the name of the person in charge. He shall also inform the Association of the profile of the courses offered by this school.

For the Association and the members, these changes are made to improve the knowledge and the skills of the technicians in massage, the massage therapists and the other practitioners in related manipulations and in alternative medicine and In order to give to the general public a professional and outstanding services.

N.B. For any foreing the certification and reconition of their diplomat and certification from a Canadian school will be nécessary.