Effleuring soft toutch is the perfect first manipulation to start a massage treatment.

A sport massage is a must just before or after a competition.

The decongestant massage helps eliminate toxins and oxides accumulated in the tissues.

Effleuring soft touch
Sport Massage
Decongestant Massage


June, 15, 2015, Madame Frances Lei Miao, membre # 0828-2 , was exluded of Associatin for 2 1/2 years. and  with excuses from herpart she come back like a member January 10, 2018. Article: 11-1 and 11-2.


Madame Lubov Furnikova, member 1750-2, is exclude of the Association. She is manager of Centre Victoria to Kirkland. She use her own official receipts against the treatments she never gave or the treatments made by an other practitioner. In the Ethic Code of Association. Article 2-2 and 2-3.


On November22, 2017,Mr. Sylvain Payette, member # 2607-2 was officially excluded for life from A.M.P.Q.. After receiving several complains about him. After a suspension of three months and the warning issued by the disciplinary council, Mr. Payette reproduced the same mistakes a few days after starting his work again. Article 4- Supplement 1 and 2. of Ethic code of the A.M.P.Q..